F4U Corsair – Ava.

I have been wanting to have this toy for more than 5 years... Can't believe I finally got it! Multiple reasons justify not getting it for such a long time... Lack of space, lack of job, lack of money, lack of time, lack of guts for flying it but also lack of luck... I tried... Continue Reading →

Wehrmacht Käfer.

In the scarce RC meetings I have here, the tanks seem to be... frowned upon at the very least. Some friends and local people told me this is because the "Nazi angst" (being afraid of Nazis or being considered Nazi) but maybe this is because I we are living strange times when everybody is offended.... Continue Reading →


Stolzdorf keeps growing! All the buildings will be showed here. All of them are connected to a power source and have lights. Nissen hut.

Russian reinforcements.

"Reinforcements have arrived!" LOL, I miss the 90s playing Command and Conquer/Red Alert all day long. Good old times, sigh...But yeah, after wasting loads of time and energy looking for more russian troops willing to invade my scale city, I managed to get this small platoon. They are made by "EagleMoss" (Thanks Kaczor for telling... Continue Reading →

Panzer IV – Zorn.

When I finish building and painting a model what I usually do is to take some pictures, write something, publish it here and then I place the model in the diorama or in the shelf of RC vehicles keeping it ready to be used at any moment. I always try to take the pictures as... Continue Reading →


This is my third american figure, besides Patton and Brad Pitt errr... Wardaddy! Yeah, Wardaddy. All my static figures are either axis or soviet, so I had to balance the things a bit so I took a look in Aliexpress and I just could not resist the price of it. There was a mega sale... Continue Reading →

Soviet shock trooper.

Shock troopers are here! Well, at least one, lol. They were well used between 1941 and 1945 as spearheads of the soviet army. They were usually equiped with heavy weapons like machine guns and flame throwers or at the very minimum with automatic weapons, leaving the bolt action rifles for the plain conscrips... But the... Continue Reading →

Battlefield items.

Stolzdorf, my scale city build, has began! Instead of opening one zillion of entries with small things I decided to keep updating this one with everything I build. Name of the village: That will have its own concrete base. Litfaßsäulen: Also known as advertisements column. I did two, using scrap things I found around the... Continue Reading →

My radio.

A lot of people asked me about my best creation, the one that I am more proud of. Some guys think it must be my Panzer IV (Soon to be properly introduced here). Other guys bet for the Sherman. Some others think it might be the growing army of static figures... Family say it must... Continue Reading →

Tiger I – Faust.

This might be the most iconic tank, not only in WW2 but in history. It was a pride for the axis, was feared by the allies, and is loved among world wide modellers. It is so famous that every model brand makes it. Not only that, but most brands started producing it as their first... Continue Reading →

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